After Builders Cleaning Paddington

All properties, whether they are old or new, require a little renovation or refurbishment now and then. Luckily, our professional local cleaners have broad experience with after builders cleaning. We have designed our after builders cleaning service in a way to meet our customers’ needs and requirements, no matter how demanding they might be.

Give our local cleaning company a call and we will send a team of experts to deal with the cleaning for you. Our cleaners always make sure that each area receives the attention it deserves. Unlike many other companies in Paddington, W2, we use environmentally responsible and safe cleaning supplies which are included in the total price of the service.

After Builders Cleaning in PaddingtonPrices
Studio flat£130
One Bedroom Property£150
Two Bedroom Property£170
Three Bedroom Property£260

Post-Renovation Cleaning Challenges

When you decided to renovate your house, a total chaos was probably not what you had in mind. Even so, that’s exactly what is left after the builders. The new look of your house is also there, but all the dirt and debris left by the builders make it a bit hard to enjoy. There’s no reason to panic though, because that’s where we come in.

Cleaning up after a construction or renovation project is extremely important. Not just for making the property look good, but for creating a safe and enjoyable space to live in. This type of cleaning removes all of the debris left by construction, leaving your place clean and safe.

Professional After Builders Cleaning Team in Paddington, W2

Cleaners Paddington is a team of professionals trained to take care of this last milestone in your home renovation process: the cleaning. All our staff members are highly experienced and equipped with all the necessary equipment and detergents to turn your post-renovation house into a liveable house as quickly as possible.

How We Clean Up After Building or Renovation Work:

  1. Checking Everything Out: We inspect the entire area in order to understand which areas and surfaces require extra attention. This information also helps us select the most suitable cleaning approach for the situation.
  2. Getting Rid of Building Mess: We will get rid of large chunks, waste, debris and prepare your property for the actual cleaning process.
  3. Cleaning Every Bit and Corner: We will thoroughly clean all surfaces and corners, ensuring that no signs of dust and grime are left behind.
  4. Paying Attention to Little Details: We will reach hidden corners and pay attention to the smallest details.

Our Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction

At Cleaners Paddington we value the time and expectations of our clients and we do everything we can to rise up to the highest quality standards. Our teams of professionals spread all over London can certify that, and our experience in the field guarantees we do it right.

Detail-Oriented Cleaning Approach

Our team of cleaners is instructed to wipe and clean every inch of the house, leaving no signs of dust, paint or any other type of dirt behind. We even clean behind the kitchen appliances, under the furniture (not the very heavy one though) and other places you might not even think of. We have highly-efficient cleaning plans that we can use or you can give us indications, whichever is more convenient to you. In both cases, the end result will be the same: a sparkling clean house.

Cleaning That’s Kind to the Planet

For your convenience, we use our own products to do the cleaning. They are powerful against various stains, paint splashes, glue stains and more. Similarly we use only eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning tools and products. They contain no toxic chemicals and are safe for both you and the environment. We have spent many years in the Paddington cleaning field so we are experienced and knowledgeable.

Trust and Satisfaction

There is not a single reason why you should not trust us. Hundreds of regular customers from W2 area have already put their trust in us. If you want to see your space transformed without you having to pay a pretty penny, grab the phone and dial our number. You will see for yourself that our prices are unbeatable and our high achievements- unreachable.

Flexibility, Affordability, and Reliability

Our services are available to either owners or tenants and our prices are very competitive. The flexibility of our cleaning teams, which are available every day, including weekends and bank holidays, along with our quality services and low rates, make us the best choice for all your cleaning needs.

Our primary objective is to make our clients happy, therefore we try to keep everything simple and efficient, from the services we offer up to the pay rates which are final and don’t hide any additional fees that pop up along the way.

Why Choose Our After Builders Cleaning Service?

Our company focuses its powers on the after builders cleaning service. It is specially designed to deal with the chaos that is left after construction or renovation work. No matter whether it was a big or a small construction project, there is always an amount of dust and debris left behind.

  1. Professionals are really Good at It: Local cleaners, such as the ones on our team are experienced and know how to approach the cleaning in the best way possible.
  2. It is Safer: Cleaning the post construction waste on your own may not be as efficient. The fine dust may cause irritations, health issues or allergies.
  3. Saves You Time: Instead of spending hours scrubbing and cleaning, leave the job to our professionals.

After Builders Cleaning Cleaning Made Just for Your W2 Property

Each property is different and so are the renovations in it. This is why we offer custom cleaning solutions that will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

We provide extensive cleaning for every area and surface. However, if you want to book our service, just for a particular room or area, we can help too. Our after builders cleaning service can be customised to meet your needs. We know it is tough to deal with the after builders cleaning on your own which is why we are willing to do it for you. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will send a team of professional cleaners. We operate in Paddington, W2 and the surrounding areas.

Questions People Often Ask About Cleaning After Building

When Can the Cleaning Start?

We can arrive as soon as the builders are gone. Simply organise your service for the most convenient day and time and we will be there.

Are the Cleaning Methods Safe for New Surfaces?

Yes, during the inspection we inspect all surfaces and select the most suitable cleaning products and techniques.

Do you clean big properties as well?

Yes, we handle both large and small properties and renovation projects.

Cleaning after construction is critical for keeping your place clean, safe, and ready to use. Choosing our expert service ensures that you receive an effective, eco-friendly cleaning that is tailored to your specific requirements. Allow us to handle the cleaning so you can enjoy your new place.

Additional Cleaning Services We Offered in W2

After builders cleaning is not all we do. We are also specialized in various other cleaning services, such as house and office cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning services, steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery, domestic cleaning services or moving in and out cleaning solutions.

Additional services offered by Cleaners Paddington consist of kitchen-related cleaning services – professional oven cleaning, extractor fan cleaning (including filter exchange), fridge inside and outside cleaning and more; garden cleaning and garage cleaning.

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Booking Your Cleaning is Easy

Book our after builders cleaning service and we will deal with the mess for you. We are ready to send a team of experts to do the job. They will visit you fully equipped with top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and will restore your place to its spotless condition.

Give us a call or use our contact us form. Our professional customer support agents will answer all of your questions.

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